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Interesting Places
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Interesting Places

Holiday in Tuscany - Holiday Villa Pisa Buti
This little village lies on the east slopes of the Monti Pisani and is of ancient origin. It has kept its medieval structure as it was a defence post of the Pisa maritime republic It was the scene of violent battles between Pisa and Lucca as well as later on, with Florence. The Tonini castle overlooks the village, close to a Medici villa built in the 1550s. There are several romanic churches, up to eleven documented during the Pisan supremacy, among which we find the Santa Maria delle Nevi or Chiesa dell´Ascenzione dating XIII century and the San Francesco church from the same period. In the centre of the village there is a charming little theatre built in 1842 and still in use. Buti boasts a rich cultural heritage with many traditions still alive: the extemporary poetry and the Maggio, a popular drama based on the sacred and profane history are still being showed in the theatre. Another popular feast is the Palio of S.Antonio, which is held in January with the different contradas of the village participating in historic costumes.
In the surroundings you can visit Vicopisano with its famous Brunelleschi fortress, the Carthusian monastery of Calci built in 1366, which also contains the Natural History Museum of the Pisa University, San Miniato with the tower of the emperor Federico II, Lari and its castle, Peccioli with its medieval buildings and church, Palaia and its gothic village church. However, the famous Tuscan towns are all quite close: Pisa 22km, Lucca 18km, Volterra 50km, Florence 80km and Sienna 90km.
Buti is famous for its fine olive oil, the hills are covered with olive trees, the goodness of this oil was even quoted in a poem by the famous Italian poet Carducci. Another important source to the local economy are the chestnuts. Each year a fair is held in October where one can try local dishes and have a look at all kinds of products made out of chestnuts like, for instance, furniture and baskets. Local food is also served in the restaurants and trattorias as well as other Tuscan specialities. From June to September many events are being organised the most famous being the Frog Fair. Only 12 km from Buti lies Montecarlo of Lucca with its renowned wines.
On the Monte Serra, on which slopes Buti lies, you will find many trails through the forests with interesting vegetation. There are also cycle tracks to the surrounding hills and to the medieval borough of Vicopisano.

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